Happy Hour?

We heard that a local bar which had a 'Gay Night' on Thursday has gone "All Gay, Every Day" so we thought we'd stop in for a drink. We get to Porky's (yes, you read that right) at six-thirty pm, the height of happy hour, to find 2 customers and no bartender. We approach the bar and see the bartender is actually standing in the back doorway having a smoke. The two customers are a couple of women in their mid-sixties who didn't even look up.

The bartender decides to mosey his way over to the bar and asks what we'll have. I tell him I'd like a Johnny Walker, Red, neat. He looks confused and explains that he's a new bartender here and I'd have to help him out. So, I point to the bottle and tell how to pour it. Mark chooses his usual Black Russian which the barkeep seems to understand as he pulls out the Kahlua. He then proceeds to poke around through all the bottles of liquor finally saying "I forget, is it gin or rum in a Black Russian?" I say, "Vodka, hence the Russian", he doesn't get it. He mixes the two and then says "…and coke, right?" We now realize he's not just new to this bar…he's truly a new bartender. Good thing they only had two customers. We take our drinks as two more customers enter the bar and have a similar experience getting their drinks.

We move over to a table to a get a look around and see that the focal point of the room is a 50" TV playing hard core male porn with the sound on. Now I've been to many a bar that plays porn but they're usually crowded pick-up bars with loud dance music and hot men, not the local watering hole where everyone comes to wind down after a long day at work. Well…obviously not everyone…but we are up to seven people now as another woman comes in from the patio. So now we have 4 men, 3 women and a gangbang on the TV, you call this happy hour?

Needless to say, we headed home where we spent the evening checking out NY Hotels for our trip this October. It certainly beats watching porn with strange women.

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