Are you ready for adventure?

I have to admit I love an adventure..but when it comes to money…I’m a bit cautious. Which is why I have never tried to book travel through Priceline. When I want to go somewhere I want to spend as little time as possible sitting in airports. I find sitting in airports worse than shopping. Yes, it’s true, I’m queer and hate shopping. Go figure!

So, we’re looking for a hotel for our trip to NYC this fall. We only need it for 3 nights as one of our friends is off to France and has offered her place for our visit. Considering she is part of the reason for our trip, we want to get into town a few days early so we can spend some time with her.

We find a decently priced hotel in the neighborhood for two of those nights but they have nothing for our first night in town. We start weighing the possibilities and find that rates for mid-October have jumped about $100 from any other time of year. We’re getting desperate and decide to be adventurous. We’ll go to Priceline and make an offer. Now if this were airfare…it would be out of the question, but one night in a hotel? I think we can live with it even if we end up at the YMCA.

Off we go to the Priceline website where we find we can choose the rating level for the hotel. Well…I’m sure I can get a 4 star hotel for $150, right? Not a chance I’m sure…but what the fuck…start low and work your way up…it always works at the local Flea Market! I put in the request and choose “South Central Park.” Waiting…waiting…waiting…”We cannot find a hotel that will accept your offer.” Duh! Like The Plaza wants my poor ass for one night! I keep the same dollar amount and choose “Midtown East” as it’s close to where we’re ultimately staying. Waiting…waiting….waiting…”Your offer has been accepted”! I scroll down to find that my offer was not accepted by some rat-hole, cockroach infested, Hells Kitchen shithole, but rather the Intercontinental, The Barclay, on Park Ave. & E. 48th! Can I be reading this right? “Hello…this is Priceline…for cheap fucks!” But, yes, I was actually given a room in a 4 star hotel on Park Ave. for $150 when the going rate is $387. Now I’m wondering when they’re going to send the e-mail that says, “Sorry, we fucked up!”, or we arrive to find that there is no room available and we have to take a cab to the nearest bar and find someone willing to let us sleep on their floor for a hand job and a sixer. I’m so close to giving a shout out for Priceline but I have to wait and see what happens.

If this works out, I may actually go to the next level and try their flight auction but then again, I may not be that adventurous after all.

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