Work get’s in the way.

I had every intention of posting during my lunch break today with tales of a long weekend at the coast and relaxing and reading and sea monsters. Of course, I should know by now if I take any additional time away from the office (I left early Friday and took Tuesday off too), I will spend the first day back in the office putting out fires started by incompetent little gophers that should be simply minding their tasks in the darkness of their cube burrows. Then again, I'm not so competent myself as I still have not figured out how to post pictures on this site…which I would have if it weren't for the aforementioned fires. Hello!

Oh, that's what they pay me to do. Well…better go then!
Pictures and more coming soon. Of course if you can't wait…you can find some already posted on 'the other blog'.

One response to “Work get’s in the way.

  1. SLACKER! I always hate the day back in the office after an extended weekend. Amen.

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