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Ah, the Theatah.

Last night I had one of those most unusual evenings at the theatre. You know the type where you feel as though the entire house are your comrades or family. You weep and laugh and gasp audibly and frequently and when the last word is spoken and the lights go down, you simply want to sit and talk and share your thoughts about this unbelievable experience you’ve shared. It reminds me of the night the ’89 Loma Prieta earthquake hit the Bay Area, when all my friends and neighbors and the strangers down the street and the people in line at the grocery store we’re suddenly like one big family. Easy to talk, listen, help.

Yes, that is probably the best way to describe my feelings when we attended the Artist’s Repertory Theatre’s Production of ‘Theater District’ by Richard Kramer. The play is spectacularly written taking us on an emotional roller coaster unlike any I’ve experienced in years. One minute your weeping and in the blink of an eye you’re laughing, laughing so hard your falling out of your seat. I swear there were times that I didn’t know if the tears running down my face were from happiness, sadness, anger, disappointment, pride, respect…oh the list goes on and when all was said and done, I was exhausted. Of course then I wanted to talk…as did Mark and our dear neighbors, who insisted we join them at their house afterwards for just that purpose.

Yes, Baird and Karen had seen this show a few weeks earlier being season ticket holders for the past 15 years. Karen swears this is the finest and most heartfelt production she has experienced at ART in those fifteen years and wanted to share this experience with us. Am I ever glad she did. I have to say that I’ve experienced some exceptional moments in the theatre, from both sides of the footlights, and this performance is one I’ll not soon forget.

If you ever have the opportunity to see this play, you should, without exception, pull out the old plastic and purchase yourself a couple of tickets. You won’t be disappointed…unless you go see the local high school production where you’d be hard pressed to find an actor with the knowledge and experience to plumb the depths of these characters. My hat’s off to Mr. Kramer (whom I adored when he was writing ‘thrtysomething’ back in the 80’s) for giving us this beautiful, well written tour de force, but mostly for bringing us ‘George’ who’s always ‘right here’.

Okay, so you’ll have to see the show or read the script to understand that last bit but I still cannot get this piece out of my head. It’s really that good!

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I’m not your Barbie!


I’m sitting here eating a taco salad for lunch and I suddenly have to sneeze. Of course I had just taken a bite of the salad so I’m trying to hold back the sneeze and swallow at the same time. Doesn’t happen…the sneeze hits and sends a jalapeno pepper deep into my sinus passage. Now it’s burning a hole into my brain , my temperature is soaring, and I swear I’m about to have a grand mal seizure.
Okay…it’s passed but that was some scary shit!

The Shittiest Night…Ever!

Scatological humor warning. You may not find this humorous but it is scatological, literally. You have been warned!

Boy do I feel like an ass. I have been pushing Mark to have a colonoscopy since his last check-up when the doctor said “If you’d like to have a colonoscopy, just let me know and we’ll set it up.” With no explanation as to why he said it, you had to wonder. It is also a recommended procedure after 50 and Mark hit that a few years back.

Wednesday evening we were reading over the preparatory instructions. Maintaining a clear liquid diet all day Thursday would be an inconvenience but was perfectly understandable. It wasn’t until reading the next paragraph that I started to feel like the Marquis de Sade.

I quote: (my comments in bold)

“Beginning at 5:00 pm: Take four Visicol tablets (a strong laxative) with 8 oz. of clear liquid every fifteen minutes until you have consumed twenty (yes, 20) tablets. It is essential you take all of the tablets. After taking 20 drink one 12 oz. canof Ginger Ale. (Liftoff!) After you have completed the first dose of 20 tablets, you will begin having diarrhea, which may last several hours. (ya think?) Be sure to drink plenty of clear liquids!” (DUH!)

Now, as if I’m not feeling bad enough already…

“At 9:00 pm: Take four Visicol tablets with 8 oz of clear liquid, wait fifteen minutes, than take 4 more Visicol tablets with one 12 oz can of Ginger Ale”. (To the Moon, Alice!) “After taking the final eight tablets, take 4 Dulcolax tablets (for a change of scenery?) at 9:30 pm. It is essential to take all of the tablets! Be sure to drink plenty of clear liquids!”

I’m beginning to think I’ll be looking for a new place to live come Saturday. I say “Saturday” because he’s going to make sure I get him a decent meal, a ride home and endure a night of indentured slavery before breaking the news to me. Yep!
Friday morning roll around and everything goes smoothly. Mark remembers nothing of the procedure due to the nice ‘amnesiac’ drug they administer beforehand. Afterwards, the doctor greets us in the recovery room to say he found absolutely nothing. Mark turns to me with a glazed look and says “So this was all for nothing”.

Now I truly feel like shit! It’s not like I wanted them to find anything; the whole point was to hear the doctor say exactly what he said!

So, I took Mark to lunch…


(another story altogether)…and brought him home for some uninterrupted sleep.

I only wish they had administered a longer lasting dose of the amnesiac drug.

Mother Nature is such a Bitch!


Mother Nature has finally decided to bring Summer to Portland and the bitch has no mercy!

This year the 'Grande Dame' decided to keep us all waiting a bit longer than usual. Just over a week ago the skies were gray, a slight mist falling, and the temperature barely above 60 degrees. She teased us with sunbreaks, true, but the clouds were never far behind.

Well, Ms. Nature appeared this weekend in the skimpiest of swimsuits shouting, "it's time for a summer vacation!" She pushed the temperature from Friday's pleasant 73 degrees to nearly 100 and will take it even higher over the next couple of days. BITCH!

I know this sounds petty but most of us here in the NW don't bother with air conditioning since Portland averages just 11 days a year over 90 degrees. Historically, there have been only 3 days when the temperature hit 100 degrees in June and they're predicting 102 tomorrow.

So, here's to Mother Nature and her twisted sense of humor. I'll report on the casualties as soon as I have the energy to type.


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<div> <p>Interspecies Relations

Interspecies Relations. Strange but True!

Riddle Me This, Comedy Central!

I decided to check on the availability of tickets for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart during our trip to NYC this fall. It’s one of the few shows we actually watch (read Tivo) and thought it may be fun…or tedious…to see a taping. Either way it was low risk and probably worth our time.

I send an e-mail requesting tickets and receive a canned response letting me know that I’ll hear from them if tickets are available. Yeah, yeah…whatever.

The next day I receive another e-mail . Not a ticket confirmation, a ticket reservation confirmation.

The e-mail reads: “You will receive an e-mail ticket letter two weeks prior to your show date, however if you do not receive your e-mail ticket within that (two week) time frame you must contact us at” Then: “Once the show is filled up, we will no longer accept confirmations. Because of this you should contact us immediately if your ticket letter did not arrive.” And finally…(and this kills me): “Any contact after a week prior to your show or after the show has filled up show date will be cancelled. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.”

Now let me get this straight. I’m supposed to contact them if I don’t receive the letter within two weeks of the show date I requested. I must contact them immediately if the letter does not arrive because the situation cannot be remedied otherwise. And…(the best part): Any contact after a week prior is too late.

So for those of you not following along…a synopsis: I want tickets for October 14 so I should have a letter on October 1. If there is no letter…I must contact them within two weeks (between October 1 & 14). But if the show is full then I shouldn’t contact them at all. Of course…if I don’t contact them by October 7…it’s too late.

Who wrote this shit?

Are they hiring potential writers as customer service reps? Are they simply trying to weed out the simple minded folks that cannot solve the riddle…or are they just living up to their name?

You tell me Batman!

PDX Pride.

Drag Queen Supreme

Finally, a chance to report on the weekend.

It was Pride weekend in PDX. We knew it would be busy but things seemed to snowball. Saturday morning we took the dog for a jaunt in Forest Park along with the neighbor’s house sitter and their two dogs. It had rained on Friday so it was still a bit muddy on the trails but the dogs loved playing in the mud puddles. Then it was off to the Dixie Mountain Range for the annual Strawberry Festival with Dave and Debra and their friends Seth and Susan. We were told they had the best shortcake in Oregon and it was pretty decadent but I still prefer my recipe which isn’t quite as sweet…or as large. Their small serving weighed more than a pound!

With all the breeder deeds done (kidding), it was time to head out for an evening with the gurls! We met Roushdi, Eran and Bill at Hobo’s for a quick dinner and then headed downtown to the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus performance. This is their ‘fun’ spring performance and I wasn’t amused. It had it’s moments but I do have to say…don’t make all those white boys dance, it’s not pretty!


Next it was off to the bars for a little mingling and dancing. I’m not sure why we decided to hang at Slaughters but it may have had something to do with those fucking HOT Vikings in the doorway. All that muscle and fur…pillage me now!

Viking Pride
Sunday morning I got ready to meet ‘Crash’ aka Brenda and her rockin’ mom Bev who was visiting from Wisconsin and attending her first Pride Parade. The bad part was Mark had committed to retrieving the neighbors from the airport so he would miss most of the parade. As it turned out, he ended up missing the whole thing and was even late getting to the park for the festival. Just as we were leaving he called and caught up with us for beer and burgers at the local Irish Pub.

Happy Hoppes Pride '06

So, it would have been the best pride yet in PDX had Mark made it downtown as planned. But instead it was the was a close second due to the fact that we now know enough people in this town that we can enjoy these things with. As I’ve always said…take your own party, even if it is your own party!


I started this new blog not long ago. I registered with two days ago and figured I might get some traffic someday. After all, I’m still trying to figure this stuff out and get my pic in the sidebar and get the blogroll working and maybe some tags…all the cool shit everyone else has already figured out.

Bored at work, I thought I’d see who stopped by my blog, if anyone as yet.

WHAT THE FUCK? Where did all these URL’s come from? What are all those numbers? Click…Bestgayblogs says “you have to check out the dog in socks pic.” Ah…it’s all about the dog.

Well, it could be worse…they could have ignored me altogether. So…thanks Best Gay Blogs. You folks ROCK!

And a big thanks to everyone that stopped in to see the dog. Please, leave a comment, I’d love to check out your blog too!

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Faux Paw

Phashion Phaux Paw