Weekend without internet.

This is where we spent our extended holiday weekend! Beautiful, eh? Of course, being on the Oregon coast it was only this nice for two of the four and half days we were there. I'm not going to show you pics of the cold, rain soaked Saturday. Nobody would envy us if they saw all that nasty weather and a holiday is all about envy, right?

I kid.

I will also share this nice sunset now that I can. There is no internet available at this place and that is part of the joy of staying here.


After arriving and unpacking, we took Mac to the beach where he just couldn't get enough of the water.

Happy Mac

When we got back to the house he started pacing and looking at us as if we'd been holding out on him. "Hello!…I'm a water dog and have lived with you for 2 years and you know I live for water. Not once have you mentioned that you have a house across the street from water…a very large body of water. I don't even know who you are anymore." We spent the next two hours trying to explain the house belongs to our dear neighbors and that last summer's kitchen remodel which kept us from the beach was really for his benefit. Needless to say he wasn't biting…the story that is. Thankfully we keep his shots up to date so hydrophobia is not a concern.

All in all it turned out to be a very relaxing weekend with lots of reading, napping, eating and numerous trips to the beach. Best of all we had time for each other which has been hard to come by lately.

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