A Fairy’s Tale

Once upon a time there were two young women that fell in love. They couldn't share their love because it was forbidden by society. They kept their love quiet and when they were both out of high school they shared an apartment as "room-mates." This relationship lasted for many, many years and though most everyone eventually learned the true nature of the relationship, they didn't say a word and all was good in the kingdom.

Then one day, one of the young women decided she was tired of living with, and hiding, the fact that the other had become more fond of the local grape product than of the relationship. Of course this set off a string of events that were very unpleasant for Grape Girls family members; late night calls followed by extended visits after consuming large amounts of her beloved juice before jumping into the carriage for a supposed suicidal extravaganza of biblical proportions. Yes, the drama was high and the irritablility level for the family and her partner even higher.

It took a little time, but ultimately Grape Girl moved on and everyone hoped, up. She found a nice little place in the neighboring kingdom, not too far from a very stable family member. She and the family member were getting along so well the family member arranged for Grape Girl to move into the other half of her duplex when the existing tennant moved out. The family thought Grape Girl had turned over a new leaf and were thrilled and supportive and all was good in the new kingdom.

Although the family knew Grape Girl still enjoyed the juice and tended to miss a fair amount of work, she seemed to be holding her own and they held out hope that she would recover. After all, the high drama was gone and only the occasional low drama event would surface.

One night, Grape Girl called various family members with a horrific story about how her father was ill and it might be cancer and she had no choice but to move in to his home to care for him. She made it clear that she had always promised to make this sacrifice and now that he was possibly near death, the time had come.

Over the next few months, it was revealed that Grape Girl had been behind in her rent at her previous home, owed her friends and father money, and was about to be relieved of her duties at work. What to do?

Bring back the high drama, yep!

She moved in with her father, gave up her deposit to pay her back rent and when she got laid off…cried poor and let daddy take care of her. After all…this allowed her to care for him full time now that he was about to expire from GERT! Yes, simple indigestion.

Four Years Later…

Grape Girl now feeling like a victim, blames her father for her fate. She's learned that sexually, men are not so bad after all, especially since they'll pay for your juice if you spend some quality time with them. She's realized that quality drops off drastically based on how much juice you enjoy so it's best to find a man that enjoys it as much as you do, and that she did. She found him and just last week she married him. She told her family today…and they lived happily ever after?

I am a fairy and this is my tale.


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