Our fine feathered friends were out in force last night! Probably due to the fact that so many of them have a nest full of young. I had to use the spotting scope to help get these shots so they're not the best. The Goldfinch above decided to try the offerings on the next feeder already occupied by a Black Headed Grosbeak.

Grosbeak & Finch

I think this is the first time I've ever seen these two birds share a feeder. The best surprise of all though was this gorgeous Evening Grosbeak.

Evening Grosbeak

This guy is part of a pair that have been visiting twice a day. We think they're nesting very near by and that's a thrill because they usually only stop by a few times each year and then in flocks of about 20. Now that's a sight I hope to capture sometime.

There were a number of other birds around too but I didn't have time to capture them all…it was getting dark and our guests arrived. As soon as we have some sun around here I should get some better shots if they haven't already flown south for the winter.


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