Daily Archives: June 14, 2006

A Warm Night and a Naked Ride

It was a warm night at the height of Rose Festival and we headed out to hear a friend playing inthe Spring concert of the Pacific Crest Wind Symphony. The concert was great fun and departing the concert hall into the very warm, slightly muggy night we decided to hit a couple of bars. After all, we don't get downtown on a Saturday very often. We drove by Scandals and the place was packed wall to wall. In the 10 years we've lived here we hadn't noticed Rose Festival being a big draw for the gays so we were a bit surprised.

We decided to head to Old Town and see if things were a bit slower down there. They were so we parked and stopped in at Hobo's, a slightly stuffy bar/restaurant. Some nights this place can be fun but usually, only if you take your own party. Otherwise, you have to put up with a lot of attitude from the "A" gays or at least those that think they are. I mean an "A" gay in Portland is common as a Banana Slug in Phoenix!

After one drink we decided to head back to Scandals because overly crowded is better than deserted quiet and we were out to have some fun. Scandals was hopping and folks were friendly, but getting a drink was a nightmare so we moved down the street to the Red Cap Garage/Brigg/Boxxes or "The Compound" as some call it. All those bars in one building make for a far less crowded space, and with outdoor seating available it was the perfect spot to chat up a few folks and enjoy the balmy night..but still a little too quiet for us.

So…off to the Eagle to see what the leather boys were up to this fine night. Fortunately for us it happened to be "Fetish Night" and the place was hopping! I can't think of a better way to spend the pre-Pride weekend than enjoying the splendor that "Fetish Night" can bring. Oh, the costumes, the clothes (or lack of) and best of all…the "accessories!" DAMN! Where was my camera? Bad blogger, bad! We left thinking they should extend "Fetish Night" into "Fetish Weekend" and make it a SLEEPOVER!!

Tearing ourselves away with the intention of heading home, we decided to make the trek to Old Town for one last drink. With all the "breeder bars" moving into "homo hip" Old Town we had to check the BEARometer, so to speak. Having already been to Hobo's, we decided to hit The Fox & Hounds. Usually fairly busy at this time of night we expected a crowd; but we certainly didn't expect one this large (no pun intended)…

Beartown Logo.gif
…yes, we had walked HEADlong into "Beartown 2006", formerly "Beards & Roses". I'm not sure why they changed the name and I didn't dwell on it…not with all those furry, furry men around! That one last drink became two or three as we met up with the newly sashed Mr. Oregon Bear and…Mr. Oregon Cub…and some of the runner's up…and many past winners. Rubbing beards with these men was a pleasure and sometimes a sport!

The clock finally struck the proverbial "midnight" and we were forced to the carriage for the ride home but as we exited the bar we noticed a crowd at the corner and heard quite a stir. We wandered over to find folks cheering as at least a hundred bicyclists rode up the street..naked!

Naked Ride.jpg
Now if this weren't a sign that we need to get out more often, then kill me now so I can be reincarnated as a bicycle seat…puhlease!