Riddle Me This, Comedy Central!

I decided to check on the availability of tickets for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart during our trip to NYC this fall. It’s one of the few shows we actually watch (read Tivo) and thought it may be fun…or tedious…to see a taping. Either way it was low risk and probably worth our time.

I send an e-mail requesting tickets and receive a canned response letting me know that I’ll hear from them if tickets are available. Yeah, yeah…whatever.

The next day I receive another e-mail . Not a ticket confirmation, a ticket reservation confirmation.

The e-mail reads: “You will receive an e-mail ticket letter two weeks prior to your show date, however if you do not receive your e-mail ticket within that (two week) time frame you must contact us at tickets@thedailyshow.com.” Then: “Once the show is filled up, we will no longer accept confirmations. Because of this you should contact us immediately if your ticket letter did not arrive.” And finally…(and this kills me): “Any contact after a week prior to your show or after the show has filled up show date will be cancelled. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.”

Now let me get this straight. I’m supposed to contact them if I don’t receive the letter within two weeks of the show date I requested. I must contact them immediately if the letter does not arrive because the situation cannot be remedied otherwise. And…(the best part): Any contact after a week prior is too late.

So for those of you not following along…a synopsis: I want tickets for October 14 so I should have a letter on October 1. If there is no letter…I must contact them within two weeks (between October 1 & 14). But if the show is full then I shouldn’t contact them at all. Of course…if I don’t contact them by October 7…it’s too late.

Who wrote this shit?

Are they hiring potential writers as customer service reps? Are they simply trying to weed out the simple minded folks that cannot solve the riddle…or are they just living up to their name?

You tell me Batman!

One response to “Riddle Me This, Comedy Central!

  1. OMG, I got the same letter and thought I was the only one going bananas trying to decipher its cryptic contents. It’s now 2 weeks (minus 3 days) before MY show, and I haven’t received a confirmation letter. No clue what to do now.

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