Mother Nature is such a Bitch!


Mother Nature has finally decided to bring Summer to Portland and the bitch has no mercy!

This year the 'Grande Dame' decided to keep us all waiting a bit longer than usual. Just over a week ago the skies were gray, a slight mist falling, and the temperature barely above 60 degrees. She teased us with sunbreaks, true, but the clouds were never far behind.

Well, Ms. Nature appeared this weekend in the skimpiest of swimsuits shouting, "it's time for a summer vacation!" She pushed the temperature from Friday's pleasant 73 degrees to nearly 100 and will take it even higher over the next couple of days. BITCH!

I know this sounds petty but most of us here in the NW don't bother with air conditioning since Portland averages just 11 days a year over 90 degrees. Historically, there have been only 3 days when the temperature hit 100 degrees in June and they're predicting 102 tomorrow.

So, here's to Mother Nature and her twisted sense of humor. I'll report on the casualties as soon as I have the energy to type.



2 responses to “Mother Nature is such a Bitch!

  1. It is a billion degrees here in Tucson 😦

  2. Yeah…and you work outside. Sorry Homer, didn’t mean to whine! 🙂

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