I’m sitting here eating a taco salad for lunch and I suddenly have to sneeze. Of course I had just taken a bite of the salad so I’m trying to hold back the sneeze and swallow at the same time. Doesn’t happen…the sneeze hits and sends a jalapeno pepper deep into my sinus passage. Now it’s burning a hole into my brain , my temperature is soaring, and I swear I’m about to have a grand mal seizure.
Okay…it’s passed but that was some scary shit!


3 responses to “Aaarrrgh!

  1. yikes! I love hot peppers but up the nose pushes the pleasure limit.
    Thank goodness it wasn’t a habenaro, which causes brain tumors.

  2. Okay…you had me scared there for a minute but I really can’t find anything relating Habanero’s to brain cancer. I did find this…

    …and that is good news since we can gallons of homemade tomatillo salsa with Habanero peppers every year and all our friends clamor for all they can get. I’d hate to think we’re sending them all to an early grave.

    Please…send what you know!!

  3. oh, they only cause brain cancer if put up the nose, silly.
    By mouth they are the key to long life (and upset stomachs)

    BTW, I would be honored to have my blog linked to yours; may I do likewise to you?

    PS – my brother used to live in Portland; oh how i miss touring the wineries there.

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