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A Pain in the…Elbow?

I was recently diagnosed with medial epicondylitis, otherwise known as Golfer’s Elbow. I do love to golf but I’m not what one would call a ‘golfer’, especially since I haven’t golfed in over a year. Of course this ailment is caused not only by golfing but overuse of the wrist. Hmmm…let’s not go there!

After spending the past 8 weeks icing my elbow and performing some rather entertaining exercises (especially entertaining to those who know I’m a ‘Friend of Dorothy’), it looks as though I’ll need a cortisone shot. This was the last option on my list but with the garden harvest coming soon and the house painting, garage cleaning, deck refinishing and ultimately…vacation in NYC…I need to make the pain go away.

One of my dearest friends, a physical therapist who specializes in hands and arms, recommends the cortisone shot. She has helped with past ailments such as Mark’s ‘Tennis Elbow’ (no he doesn’t play tennis), and the Ulnar Nerve Entrapment I experienced last year. She believes in trying every possible natural option before turning to drugs, but in this case feels the cortisone shot the best option. So, as much as I dread this, I trust her opinion and will be in the Doctor’s office at 8:00 am tomorrow morning for what I know will be a daunting and painful procedure. I only hope all goes well and I can enjoy the remainder of my summer and our holiday in New York. After that it will be winter and, if the pain returns, Mark will have to chop and haul all the wood while I sit by the fire and ice my elbow and flex my wrist.

Maybe this doesn’t sound so bad after all!


I drafted this nice long post about Mac, my dog, last night because he had to go in for minor surgery this morning. Mark got up early to drive Mac to Silverton for his appointment and shortly thereafter, I got up and got ready for work.

I get in my truck and turn the key…nothing. I try again…nothing. I coast back out of the garage trying to build enough momentum to jump start it but there just isn’t enough of a slope. So, with Mark gone and our trusty neighbors on vacation, I’m thinking I’ll have to call AAA and wait an hour for a tow-truck. I get out of the truck and notice my other neighbor on her porch and she kindly drove over and gave me a jump so I could get to work. Now I wait to see if the battery holds a charge so I can correct the problem this evening.

Once I got settled in at the office, Mark called to tell me the vet didn’t even have to put the dog under. It simply took a local anesthetic and about five minutes time and they were done. So all the worrying about the general anesthesia and possible complications is moot as is my post.

So, this is all you get from me today…at least until I find out about the truck battery. I hope your week started out better.

Phun Photo Phriday




Last night I had a rather unpleasant experience that really got me riled up.  I was steaming mad and decided I’d blog on it. I spent a good hour writing a really long, detailed post about how I felt and what an asshole the person was that caused me to get to that point.

By the time I finished, I had worked through my anger and just couldn’t push the ‘publish’ button. I guess blogging is better therapy than I thought.  And it’s a lot cheaper too.


I’m sitting here on the deck enjoying a beautiful summer evening among the flowers and trees…


…when suddenly it got really noisy. I looked around and was thrilled to see the Black Capped Chickadee had brought the juveniles in for a feeding lesson. The Black Capped is one of my favorite birds because they have this great ritual. Momma arrives…peeps a few notes…and suddenly 3-4 young come flying in…all the while chirping and peeping in constant conversation with mom. Then she moves to another tree….calls them over and the noise continues. These gorgeous birds will do this all the way around the house and yard, moving from tree to shrub to tree, learning how each spot offers different feeding opportunities.


I’ve lived here for 10 years now and learned this behavior much the way the young fledglings have learned it…by watching mom and listening…or so I thought.

Recent studies have found that these birds have a language far more elaborate than we ever imagined and the young are not just learning by following and imitating mom…they are actually talking!


The Little Things

About a year and a half ago, Emily sent me an e-mail to sign up with Blingo because if you win something…your friends win too and she loves to win things. After watching her win an i-Pod and movie tickets, I was getting a little annoyed that I still hadn’t won anything. After all, her two wins happened in the span of about two months.
Today, I’m completely immersed in some research and all of a sudden, instead of my search results, I recieve a page that says I won a movie ticket. It kind of took me by surprise and I was about to hit the ‘back’ button when I realized what happened. I clicked to recieve my prize and was offered an alternative gift, an i-Tunes gift certificate, and decided to take that instead. I hope Emily wasn’t looking forward to a movie anytime soon.

I get back into my work and the phone rings and when I answer, Emily says, “Well why couldn’t you win something good like an i-Pod?” Damn. I was feeling good about having won anything at all and she’s getting greedy! And she already has an i-Pod from Blingo! Bitch should be happy I signed up all those months ago so she could capitalize on my luck expecially since none of her other friends continue to use Blingo! (Kidding E!)

So I sit here now with a little smile, the day a little brighter over a simple $10.00 gift certificate. I know its not much but its the little things that make me happy.

Unexpected Benefits

It never really crossed our minds when we remodeled the kitchen last year but those granite countertops and tile floor make the kitchen the coolest place in the house during a heatwave.


If they just weren’t so damn hard to sleep on!


It’s not the heat that usually bothers me, it’s the freaking humidity! We hit a record high of 104 yesterday and then the clouds rolled in bringing lots o’ moisture for that nice stick-to-everything feeling. I swear every time I get up I have to peal the leather recliner off my back. I haven’t been this sticky since they closed the Rich Street Baths!

Since we don’t have A/C I put up the tent so I could sleep outside. Of course the humidity was so high I ended up sleeping inside with the ceiling fan on high. Then it rained this morning and the clouds stuck around to keep all that moisture from escaping. Now we’re just wet…and not a good wet either. We’re staining the furniture!

The clouds are finally breaking and the sun is coming out this evening which has warmed the temps an additional 10 degrees and for tomorrow they’re talking triple digits again. Shit! The dog is beginning to think I’m his personal salt lick.

Well, I better go hydrate…I don’t want to dry out and disappoint the dog.

Phun Photo Phriday




Oh…now I get it…this is kinda fun!

The Wrenches!

Life has a way of throwing a wrench or two in the works sometimes. The past couple weeks have seen the death of a very close friend’s mother who was actually a close friend herself. I swear she gave me herpes simplex when I was 19 but that story will have to wait for another day.

We were in the kitchen when the sad news was called in that Mark’s cousin passed away from lung cancer.  Yes, we knew it was coming but we didn’t expect it so soon. To make matters worse, Mark had just spent the day with this cousin’s sisters, one of which lives close by, the other visiting from out of state.

So, with that said, I thank all of you for your kind thoughts and apologize for the unintended drama. I wasn’t thinking about how the words I used would affect folks who read my page; I simply wanted to let folks know that I may not be around for a while. Next time I’ll be more careful with the words and give more information.

I’ll post pics soon of what you missed in the kitchen that night and will find time to get real content up here as well. Of course, once you read about an Oregon winter that begins in late September and runs through mid June, you’ll be glad I don’t dwell on the serious issues during the summer.

You’ve been warned!