An unexpected smile!

I just love some of the search engine terms that send folks to my site. I hadn’t logged on the last few days because I was enjoying an extended 4th of July weekend. At lunchtime I thought I’d start a post and as I was checking around…I saw the following search terms:

rodger the homo

slippers in mud fetish

Now the first one is a no brainer but still entertaining. The second one though, kind of took me by surprise. Just what I needed to brighten my first day back in the office!

5 responses to “An unexpected smile!

  1. whew!
    I was worried you had been abducted by aliens (again)
    Glad to see you are back and blogging
    Now, put out!

  2. Aliens I wish…I hear they have this probe… ; )

  3. have you ever been abducted by aliens but rather them giving you a humiliating examination they only gave you a haircut and a make over – and no one will belive you?

  4. Have you? You do live in the Southwest! Aliens HAVE landed nearby…or so I’m told.

    Personally…I can get a haircut and makeover from anywhere. I want something exotic in an exotic locale. Need I elaborate?

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