I confess…


…I’m a total sports junkie. I have no idea why because I don’t excel in any sport. I do have to admit that I’m naturally quite good at most sports but I’ve never really excelled at any of them.

I grew up water skiing, loved baseball, football, kickball (remember that?). I was on the swim team in jr. high and even played some water polo in high school. Among my fondest memories are playing tackle football with my buddies in a muddy field in Golden Gate Park. Those were the days!

Lately, I’ve been less of a player and more of an observer…and I’ve found that I’ll watch anything. I just don’t know why? I turn on a sporting event and within 5 minutes…I’m hooked. I watch tennis, swimming, baseball, football, arena football, track, snowboarding, skateboarding, skiing and even soccer. It is World Cup after all! I’ll even watch golf, on TV, which is like watching paint dry!

I realize part of this has to do with the men but I don’t only watch male sports so there must be something else about sports that grabs my attention. It’s not like I just watch either…I really get involved. I don’t like some athletes, I adore others, I groan, I cheer, I jump out of my seat. What the fuck is wrong with me? Did I inherit some neanderthal, white trash, beer-drinking-in-my-boxer-shorts-and-recliner gene? If I did, it didn’t come from my father. All he watches is Nascar and that really isn’t a sport.

I really need to kick this addiction. I need to get the pigskin off my back. I need to join Athletics Anonymous. Do they have that? I’ll have to do a Google search and I better start now.

World Cup final is Sunday!


3 responses to “I confess…

  1. Allez les Bleus! I’m kind of an obsessive sports fan myself. I never watched soccer (nor would I have dreamed I would) before moving to France but thats what everyone was doing so I joined in and now I’m hooked! Think of me on Sunday as I’ll be drinking beer and watching the game by myself…….uh, does that make me a “neanderthal, white trash, beer-drinking-in-my-boxer-shorts-and-recliner ” female?

  2. No, it doesn’t but it is a great visual!

  3. you butch thing, you! You’ll have to watch the sports for both of us as I am clueless in the athletic department.

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