The Catalpa Tree is in Bloom Again!

I know I should be writing something with more substance (yeah, like I’m known for that), but at this time of year the garden is our main focus. Well, the garden, the birds, and the house since we usually have very little time to work outside.

We’re having the exterior of the house painted in two weeks and need to power wash and stain the deck beforehand but, as I’ve recently mentioned, it’s berry season and tonight we made another 4 batches of raspberry jam, leaving little time for anything else, except ‘The Daily Show’ (always time for that!).

Therefore, I thought I’d post a picture of my favorite tree. I know, bad segue, but I could have just posted the tree shit and then everyone would have thought I was psychotic or just blowing them off. But I digress.

We have many trees in our yard…apple, plum, fir, cedar, maple, spruce, flowering cherry, filbert, ornamental cherry, flowering plum, curly willow, pine, vine maple…the list goes on. But this is one of my two favorites; the Catalpa


The Catalpa blooms in early summer (at least it does here) with a panicle of beautiful, fragrant, Orchid-like flowers.


In our slightly humid early summer air, the scent hangs low to the ground and seems to envelope the house, deck and cutting garden. Better yet, being located just outside the office window makes time spent at the computer a real treat. I can watch the hummingbirds move from flower to flower, pulled in by the bright purple and yellow flowers…


…while the sweet scent wafts in through the open window. These are precious moments! So friends…I’ll work on my political rants and social commentary later for now it’s time to celebrate

It has rained all today, a little yesterday and it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Even in summer the rain is close at hand and we must take it day by day; which makes it hard to dwell on all the shit that I’ll be ranting about come fall. Not that I’m ignoring those issues now, I’m just not going to let them overshadow the simple joys in life. Sometimes you just have to stop.

Stop and smell…the Catalpa blossoms!

7 responses to “The Catalpa Tree is in Bloom Again!

  1. My grandma had a pair of catalpas in her front yard. That is one of my favorite trees.

  2. I can think of nothing with more ‘substance’ than beautiful flowers and plants
    Your photos are gorgeous.
    Keep them coming.

  3. fresh cut flowers are very nice at cocktail parties. and if i ever have one i’ll sure to send an invite your way. you really should go to homer’s though – i have seen pictures of some of his gatherings on his blog and they look like fun times, indeed.

  4. Thank you so much!!! I have one of these trees in my garden and have been wondering for years what it is – my brother told me it was a fig (he apparently bought it as such for our late mother’s 60th birthday!) but this year it is flowering and after searching on the web for a tree with ‘orchid like flowers’ your website popped up!!!
    I now know what this beautiful tree is and I shall cherish it more than ever! Thanks again……. Ps I live down in the west of Cornwall, England!!

  5. Don’t you just love those flowers? We have two catalpa trees in our pasture and I love it when the burst into bloom. 🙂

  6. I do love this tree more than any other in the yard and I have quite a few trees. Their scent is delicious!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Hi! I live down in Eugene and I’m trying to remember how long the catalpas in this area bloom. I think they start blooming around mid-June, but I’m not sure how long the flowers last. Do you happen to know? My fiance and I want to get married this summer under a gorgeous catalpa, but we want to make sure we pick a date where it will still be blooming. I came across your site trying to figure it out. Any idea?


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