Take a Hike!

We got a call from Kristin on Saturday afternoon asking if we wanted to join her and Mason (her dog) for a hike in The Gorge. We had just finished lunch and had no other plans so of course we were in.

Once on the Horsetail Falls Trail with Mac & Mason we could forget about getting a decent pic of the dogs.


A couple miles in and we hit Ponytail Falls. If you look close you can see Kristin and Mason in the lower right hand corner.


By the time I got down to the falls (the photographer is always last), the dogs were in full swim mode and Mac just didn’t want to get out. This shot from behind the falls shows Mac (barely visible on the left) trying to swim into the waterfall.


He did this for a good twenty minutes and never left the water. We were beginning to think he didn’t know how to get out. I went to the very edge of the pool and coaxed him over, he stepped up on the ledge, turned, and dove directly at the waterfall.


That was when I realized he wasn’t in trouble at all…he was just having fun and nothing was gonna stop him. It was another 15 minutes before we could get him out of the water and then had to force him on down the trail.


The swim invigorated the dogs and again I had trouble trying to get a picture.


I was able to get a nice shot of the Columbia River from atop the cliffs.


…and a shot of the cliffs once we got off the trail…


…and the rocks hanging over the car…


It made for a nice afternoon and if I couldn’t get a decent shot of the dogs, I was at least able to get a nice shot of Mark & Kristin back at the car.


The entire weekend seemed to be a series of unplanned events and I’ll post a bit more about that later.


One response to “Take a Hike!

  1. your photos are marvelous; just downright gorgeous.
    Oh, I long to be in the pacific northwest.
    I miss having a dog too.
    Keep these photo blogs coming is my vote.

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