A Brief Interruption

Damn…I wish I had the perfect ‘brief’ photo to add here but I don’t have a lot of time.

I’ve been a bit slow posting these past few days because, as I’ve mentioned before, our short summers here are extremely busy with gardening, canning and trying to complete the necessary warm weather tasks on the house like paint, deck restoration, etc.

Tonight we started canning ‘Spicy Dilled Beans’…


…and were about half way through when we received some sad news.

It looks like I may be taking a day or two off, or I may simply have limited access and will be able to post briefly. We’ll see what happens.


4 responses to “A Brief Interruption

  1. hope everything’s o.k.

    A man who can’s wow. My mom just told me she was canning the same thing this week. I’m hungry for some of my mom’s homemade meals. Time to go home!

  2. Canned beans??
    Dear me, the medicine man in me sits up – botulism!!! I am sure you are careful and know what you are doing, put please be careful!
    More important, I hope this sad news is not too devasting; keep us posted?

  3. Thanks Rodger.

    You inspire.


  4. Derek – Thanks, all’s well. We love canning and even share..ask Michael.

    Michael – I work in toxicology so we’re extremely careful. Believe me…the last thing I want is botulinum poisoning! Thanks for your concern and I hope you liked the jam. And…thanks for the kind thoughts.

    Joel – No…you do! : )

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