The Wrenches!

Life has a way of throwing a wrench or two in the works sometimes. The past couple weeks have seen the death of a very close friend’s mother who was actually a close friend herself. I swear she gave me herpes simplex when I was 19 but that story will have to wait for another day.

We were in the kitchen when the sad news was called in that Mark’s cousin passed away from lung cancer.  Yes, we knew it was coming but we didn’t expect it so soon. To make matters worse, Mark had just spent the day with this cousin’s sisters, one of which lives close by, the other visiting from out of state.

So, with that said, I thank all of you for your kind thoughts and apologize for the unintended drama. I wasn’t thinking about how the words I used would affect folks who read my page; I simply wanted to let folks know that I may not be around for a while. Next time I’ll be more careful with the words and give more information.

I’ll post pics soon of what you missed in the kitchen that night and will find time to get real content up here as well. Of course, once you read about an Oregon winter that begins in late September and runs through mid June, you’ll be glad I don’t dwell on the serious issues during the summer.

You’ve been warned!


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