It’s not the heat that usually bothers me, it’s the freaking humidity! We hit a record high of 104 yesterday and then the clouds rolled in bringing lots o’ moisture for that nice stick-to-everything feeling. I swear every time I get up I have to peal the leather recliner off my back. I haven’t been this sticky since they closed the Rich Street Baths!

Since we don’t have A/C I put up the tent so I could sleep outside. Of course the humidity was so high I ended up sleeping inside with the ceiling fan on high. Then it rained this morning and the clouds stuck around to keep all that moisture from escaping. Now we’re just wet…and not a good wet either. We’re staining the furniture!

The clouds are finally breaking and the sun is coming out this evening which has warmed the temps an additional 10 degrees and for tomorrow they’re talking triple digits again. Shit! The dog is beginning to think I’m his personal salt lick.

Well, I better go hydrate…I don’t want to dry out and disappoint the dog.

2 responses to “Sticky…yech!

  1. indeed, keep up the hydration (the panacea for all ills)
    If it is any comfort, it is 110 here! No fun.

  2. It would be a great comfort if you told me you didn’t have A/C either. ; ) Most folks up here don’t have A/C because it would only be used about 7 days a year and then it’s usually because the temps hit 92 or so. These temps are extremely rare and I shouldn’t complain being from CA but I’ve finally acclimated to the cool weather here.

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