The Little Things

About a year and a half ago, Emily sent me an e-mail to sign up with Blingo because if you win something…your friends win too and she loves to win things. After watching her win an i-Pod and movie tickets, I was getting a little annoyed that I still hadn’t won anything. After all, her two wins happened in the span of about two months.
Today, I’m completely immersed in some research and all of a sudden, instead of my search results, I recieve a page that says I won a movie ticket. It kind of took me by surprise and I was about to hit the ‘back’ button when I realized what happened. I clicked to recieve my prize and was offered an alternative gift, an i-Tunes gift certificate, and decided to take that instead. I hope Emily wasn’t looking forward to a movie anytime soon.

I get back into my work and the phone rings and when I answer, Emily says, “Well why couldn’t you win something good like an i-Pod?” Damn. I was feeling good about having won anything at all and she’s getting greedy! And she already has an i-Pod from Blingo! Bitch should be happy I signed up all those months ago so she could capitalize on my luck expecially since none of her other friends continue to use Blingo! (Kidding E!)

So I sit here now with a little smile, the day a little brighter over a simple $10.00 gift certificate. I know its not much but its the little things that make me happy.


2 responses to “The Little Things

  1. Ha! Sorry, R. Didn’t mean to rain on your parade! Im thrilled with the itunes gift certificate. Nice work! You have finally earned your keep on my blingo friends list!

    And I actually took the $100 visa gift card in place of my previous iPod win. So there! Get your facts straight! 😉

  2. I said I was kidding!

    …and you took the $100 because you already had an i-Pod! I’m still podless.

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