Phun Photo Phriday




6 responses to “Phun Photo Phriday

  1. It looks like that thing has an evil eye!

  2. That was my original title, Evil Eyed Fuschia, but I liked being able to use the ‘ph’ and keep it simple.

  3. Fuschias are decadent sexy and flamboyant things….I think they may be the equivalent of drag queens in the flower world. They are outrageous when you think it’s impossible…how do drag queens wear those incredibly high plexiglass shoes? How do fuschias put out such crazy color in the high heat of summer and still look as fresh as a daisy? I love them both. Drag queens and fuschias, that is.

  4. My first reaction was it was an evil flamingo bird

  5. I think it looks more like a demented Woody Woodpecker!

  6. I know that I would be afraid when I came upon that flower in Alice’s garden!!!

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