I drafted this nice long post about Mac, my dog, last night because he had to go in for minor surgery this morning. Mark got up early to drive Mac to Silverton for his appointment and shortly thereafter, I got up and got ready for work.

I get in my truck and turn the key…nothing. I try again…nothing. I coast back out of the garage trying to build enough momentum to jump start it but there just isn’t enough of a slope. So, with Mark gone and our trusty neighbors on vacation, I’m thinking I’ll have to call AAA and wait an hour for a tow-truck. I get out of the truck and notice my other neighbor on her porch and she kindly drove over and gave me a jump so I could get to work. Now I wait to see if the battery holds a charge so I can correct the problem this evening.

Once I got settled in at the office, Mark called to tell me the vet didn’t even have to put the dog under. It simply took a local anesthetic and about five minutes time and they were done. So all the worrying about the general anesthesia and possible complications is moot as is my post.

So, this is all you get from me today…at least until I find out about the truck battery. I hope your week started out better.


2 responses to “Doggone

  1. my day wasn’t very nice but I suppose your day gave it some perspective that it wasn’t THAT bad!
    Thanks, in an indirect roundabout way

  2. Actually Michael, mine wasn’t that bad, just a bit of an annoyance this morning. I certainly hope your day picked up.

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