Today Rocks!

I went to the doctor this morning for my cortisone shot and found out that all those horror stories are absolutely not true. The shot was painless and now, hours later after the anesthetic has worn off, it still doesn’t hurt. There is some tenderness but even that is less than the pain I’ve endured for the past 3 months.

Better yet, I found out that my lab results from Friday’s blood draw were in and they showed my cholesterol was back in the normal range and my triglycerides were lower than they’ve been in years!

And…if that weren’t enough…I received my $10 i-Tunes gift certificate this afternoon, the weather is comfortable, the dog’s paw is healing nicely and I have next week off!

Oh, oh, oh…and we’re going to see The Tubes on Friday night in one of the greatest venues evah!!

Life is good…sooooo good!


4 responses to “Today Rocks!

  1. bitch!
    I am mad jealous! what I would give for normal cholesterol. I eat a diet worthy of a vietnam refugee and take 3 Rx but I still have cream in my veins.
    I should have picked my relatives more carefully.

  2. Hey Michael…just found out about this cool supplement! It’s called Red Yeast Rice and I highly recommend it. This is what brought on these results and my doctor is thrilled because it is far cheaper than prescribing lovostatin (or ‘cholestrin’ as it’s known by the drug companies). Oh..that’s right…no drug company profits either. Cheap, no side effects, and my doctor plans to prescribe it to his other patients after seeing my results.

    I’ll send more info…watch your e-mail!

  3. The Tubes? They are actually still together? Who knew? I hope the concert was fun. Young and Rich was a great album and I loved “Don’t Touch Me There”. Punk before it even had a name.

  4. They’re still around but scaled down. They can play a mean set and had the crowd up and dancing all night. Unfortunately, without the girls, they don’t play ‘Don’t Touch Me There’ anymore but ‘Mondo Bondage’, W.P.O.D. and ‘What Do You Want from Life’ rocked hard!

    Definitely worth the $22.00 ticket price.

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