Happy to Help

A couple weeks back I shared photos of the Catalpa Tree blossoms and spoke of their heady fragrance. It is truly my favorite of all the trees on our property and having never seen one prior to moving here I just had to tout it’s beauty and spectacle.

This past Saturday, I returned home from a day long visit with friends and logged on to draft a post. When I opened my e-mail, I found a comment had been added to my Catalpa Tree post. I was surprised because the post was a couple weeks old and I didn’t expect anyone to comment on a post that old. Here’s what I found…

“Thank you so much!!! I have one of these trees in my garden and have been wondering for years what it is – my brother told me it was a fig (he apparently bought it as such for our late mother’s 60th birthday!) but this year it is flowering and after searching on the web for a tree with ‘orchid like flowers’ your website popped up!!!

I now know what this beautiful tree is and I shall cherish it more than ever! Thanks again……. Ps I live down in the west of Cornwall, England!”

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to see this comment. Not only did I help someone find an answer they had been seeking, but this person was half a world away. It reminds me how much smaller the world has become with technology and that it isn’t always a bad thing.

One response to “Happy to Help

  1. What a lovely thing that you did/happened to you!
    Our power may be limited but our influence sometimes is enormous.
    Even the smallest things can turn out to be extraordinary.
    And it supports the hypothesis that more people read our blogs than we realize!

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