Daily Archives: August 10, 2006

Busy Break

Sorry folks…I didn’t realize that many of you cared! I’d pull out the Sally Field remark but it’s tired with a capital ‘T’.

I took the week off because we’re having the house painted and we wanted needed to do some busy work like cleaning the garage. We usually manage that dreadful task every summer but last year, with the kitchen remodel using up the entire dry season, we didn’t get around to the more menial tasks. Therefore, the garage was slowly closing in on us and if we didn’t attack back soon, we’d have nowhere to park the cars.

I had planned to blog while I was taking the time off but decided I wanted to try and make it feel a little more vacation-like so I threw most obligations out the window. I have done some work around the house and will complete the planned tasks before I head back to work on Monday but mostly I’ve lounged a lot, read a lot, and enjoyed the nice weather, a lot!

I will be back to my usual schedule on Monday but will be reading you all regularly, as I have all week. Just go check your stats!