Daily Archives: August 14, 2006

He’s Come Again

Oh…I can just imagine all the freaky fundamentalist christians (non caps intended) that will now find my funky blog thinking they’ve found a friend in Jesus. Sorry folks…move along…go back to your bible thumping as I’ve got friends who like reading this blog and I have to catch them up!

Yes, I’ve come back to the blog and can see I picked a bad time to disappear without advance warning. Michael at Spo-Reflections tagged me with a meme that I really want to respond to…and I will very soon. Lynette found me through Joe.My.God. and wanted to know if the weather here was actually as mild as I mentioned on Joe’s page. Well…I did make a typo on the comment but the temp was actually lower than 60 that night and barely topped 70 that afternoon so I was pretty close. Now I have her blog to catch up on…and I’m really enjoying it. She has her head and heart in the right place even if her person is located in the heart of RED country and I love her Southern style. Check her out!

The best and most surprising outcome of taking unintended time off is that I learned there are more folks that actually read my blog than I would have ever imagined. Actually, they don’t read me so much, they like my photos. That I find a bit odd but the blog stats show that I get more hits on Fridays than any other day of the week. That makes me feel even more obligated to keep up with “Phun Photo Phriday” even if I take some time off from blogging.

I do however get plenty of hits each day which makes me wonder who actually reads my page. I find the whole blogging world fascinating in the fact that you become part of a community that you don’t necessarily choose. Sure, some folks you meet here share common ideas or hobbies but many are just interesting people that you may never want to meet but find their life interesting in a voyeuristic way. Others find you, and there are those that you do want to meet, folks you think would fit nicely into your circle of friends. It really is amazing and truly has a life all its own.

So, thanks to all of you and when next I take some time off I’ll hang a shingle before I leave!