Yes…I admit it…I’m stalling. After taking a week off from work, I’m busy trying to catch up and therefore, I have little time to blog. You should actually be happy because the Oregon winter isn’t all that far off and I’ll have more than enough time to blog. You’ll be hard pressed to keep up with my posts come January!

Here’s a photo of where I’m spending some of my time when I’m not at work. Note that ‘the corn is as high as an…’ yeah, yeah, more cheap stalling tactics. You do have to admit the garden looks great though, all due to Mark’s nurturing the seeds, his diligence fighting moles and watering…by hand. Yep…each and every plant by hand!


The harvest is beginning and this is the big payoff, something we look forward to every year since our summers are so short. My mouth waters just thinking of dinners that consist of sliced tomatoes, corn on the cob, cucumber soup and stir fried zuch’s, crook’s and peppers. Mmmm.


In another week or two, this tomato plant and all the others will be so full we’ll be forced to share the fruit with neighbors and friends. Much of it we’ll put by…about 2 dozen quarts of stewed tomatoes…some of which will be pre-spiced for a quick marinara sauce we can use on pasta and pizza during the short days of winter. Yes, it’s a lot of work but its fun, rewarding work and we love spending that time together and really enjoy eating fresh tasting, preservative free foods all winter. It’s the simple pleasures!!

So, forgive my stalling but the warm weather rules my life right now and the garden is vital to my survival. Not physically but emotionally…and psychologically.

3 responses to “Stalling

  1. well I don’t blame you; my passion is gardening and I miss it so. I recall the glories of August harvests and if that was up and going I wouldn’t be blogging either.
    Your photos are marvelous and a comfort.
    What’s the story behind “Plow Boy?” do tell sometime.

  2. damn! what a lush looking garden. by mid august, we’re totally burned out. things are reviving, though; i’ll get another tomato crop come late october. if i can get it together, i’ll throw out some more squash seeds, cukes.

    i’m with ya on the harvest. nothing so divine as a harvest supper of everything grown in your very own garden.

  3. they sure grow that corn high in Oregon! Everything is so beautfiul and green!

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