A Short Summer

I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for more than 10 years now and I know that our summers are short but the stats I saw tonight really struck me. The “hot” period in Portland that begins July 13th, ended yesterday, August 20. The “wet” period ended July 12th and begins August 21st. In other words, summer is over and it would not be unusual for us to have cool, wet weather from today forward. Of course we’ll have nice weather through most of September but the hot dry period has ended. And here I’ve been feeling guilty about not posting regularly.
I really need to relax and realize that I will have plenty of time to post this winter. In fact…I’ll have so much time that I can write posts to get me through next year’s long summer. Yep! But for right now…I need to take advantage of every ray of sun, every dinner and party invitation and every opportunity to work in the yard and garden. Spark up the grill, run with the dog, hike the local trails and celebrate the season because it’s about to come to an end.

The good thing is this is the best part of the season when the garden begins to pump out produce and we can barely find the time to pick all the fruits and veggies, let alone eat them. Tomatoes are abundant, squash and cucumbers too, peppers are just about ready and the corn will be ready to go in about a week. Oh how I loves me some fresh corn!

It’s also been a great year for the fruit trees too and the apples have produced a bumper crop which means, apple pie, apple crisp, apple butter and just plain old apples…eaten right off the tree. So if I miss a day or two, you’ll know I spent the evening picking, cooking or canning and it’s only a matter of time until you get to see what we made. Like this…


Cooking up some Salsa Verde


…and here it is on the right. Mmmm…now to find some chips!


3 responses to “A Short Summer

  1. Looks great. Do you share your recipe for salsa verde?

  2. again, the photos are good/I am mad jealous/I look forward to your every entry.

  3. oh yum. i haven’t canned in a couple of years, but i love to do it. it’s a delight to fill the baskets with produce early in the morning, put a mix of jazz / opera / blues / classical on the player and dig in. i miss it. thanks for the photos. makes me feel nostalgic.

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