As if to emphasize the stats I reported yesterday about the end of our dry period here in Portland…it is raining this morning. Actually it’s just a light drizzle but still…it’s overcast and there is water falling from the sky…technically that qualifies as rain in my book. There was enough drizzle to make me use my windshield wipers on my way to work…so again…rain in my book.

What makes this so funny is that I remember it raining at least once every August since I’ve moved here and it surprises family and friends when they come to visit. Most of them prefer to come in August because it is so hot at home that they’re looking for a little relief. We always warn them that it may rain while they’re here and they laugh it off as though we’re kidding. Many a time, they’ve arrived to a serious downpour. I guess it makes great memories for them as they never laugh it off again and usually come prepared with sweatshirts and light hooded jackets on their next visit.

Of course these August rains rarely last more than a day or two and the temps stay in the 70s and lower 80s so it’s not as bad as it sounds. As an added bonus we don’t have to water the garden those days. And…when all is said and done…say tomorrow or Friday, the sun will be back out in force and we’ll have 90 degree weather in time for the weekend.
Oh the joys and woes of Northwest living!


2 responses to “!

  1. I love Northwest summers. Though we didn’t get enough rain today to justify not watering. At least not over at El Jardin. I’m so jealous of your tomatoes!

  2. sounds like heaven to me . . . but then we’ve been getting a little rain of late. nothing to make up for the total of 22 inches we’re in deficit in the last two years, but a help. it was 68 this morning when i took puppy out to potty. what a treat.

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