Ah…Vacation is Looming.

We’ve been planning a trip to NYC to visit our dear friend Rita who has been to Portland about 7 times in the past 10 years. The bad part is that she planned a trip to France about the same time and she’s leaving 3 days after we arrive. The good part is she’s offered us her apartment in Mid-town for the remainder of our trip. We’d be fools to pass up that opportunity so we humbly accepted.

Then, to sweeten the deal, she offered to purchase theatre tickets for us. This way she could pick the seats and save the service charges. Now that’s above and beyond! So, this past weekend, we put together a wish list and sent it off and today she sent a note letting us know she has purchased all the tickets. Yep, all of them! Not one show on our list will be missed nor will we be sitting in the rafters or behind a pole. I know this doesn’t mean much to most folks, especially those lucky Manhattanites that can easily walk over to the theatre and grab tickets to the best shows, but for those of us on the left coast it saves a lot of trouble and time on the internet.

Since reading the note, I’ve been hard pressed to get any work done. I think I should go look into NYC restaurants…we’ll need just the right place to take Rita to dinner to say thanks!

2 responses to “Ah…Vacation is Looming.

  1. OH MY GOD I’m so jealous. Tell us what you’re going to see. I hope one of them is Avenue Q…I’m dying to see that!

  2. well – what shows are you seeing!?
    tease tease tease you do.
    have a great time

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