Daily Archives: September 2, 2006

Head Cold

Yep…I’ve come down with a terrible headcold and at the worst possible time. The garden is in the throes of heavy harvest and I can’t taste a thing. Well actually, I could this morning which was a good thing because we stopped by a tomato tasting at a local nursery and I was able to taste over 60 varieties of tomatoes.


It was great circling the tables of tomatoes with a bunch of other tomato enthusiasts and discussing the various types and tastes. We’ve come to the conclusion that all German varieties are mushy and probably only good for canning. It must be their weather.


I found a couple varieties I’d like to try and grow but the ones I liked best we’re already growing. In fact one of our favorite tomatoes, the Sun Gold, has been a crown favorite at this tasting the past two years. It is a very sweet cherry tomato that produces more tomatoes than we can eat! I take bowls of them to the office every year for snacking and my colleagues practically fight over them.

By mid-afternoon my luck had run out and my head was so plugged up that not only did I lose my sense of taste, I couldn’t even smell the stewed tomatoes Mark was canning from our garden.


I wanted to help but my energy level is very low and I think I should take it easy for a day or two. Fortunately, there is plenty of football on this weekend and hopefully the rain will clear out and the US Open will resume on Sunday.

I do hate spending my Labor Day weekend feeling under the weather, especially when the weather is so beautiful! I think tomorrow I’ll spend some time lounging on the deck with this deliciously humorous book I’m reading, “Bachelor Brothers Bed & Breakfast” by Bill Richardson. Oh, it’s such a fun read that I don’t want to put it down but then I don’t want to finish it too quickly either. Don’t you just love books like that? A highly recommended read. If I feel up to it I may talk Mark into stopping by Art in the Pearl which should make for an entertaining afternoon and should be the perfect place to do some early Christmas Shopping. If nothing else I should get some great people photos and fodder for my Friday postings. I’ll have to play it by ear though as the corn (unintentional pun) will be ready to pick this week and I would hate not being able to taste it after waiting all summer. I think we’ll have to have a good old fashioned corn feed supplemented by fresh picked tomatoes. Any takers?

Hope you all are enjoying your holiday weekend!