Kiki & Herb in PDX

Yes, its true, Kiki & Herb will be in Portland for one night only and it’s sure to be one crazy night. They’ve just finished a month long engagement on Broadway…


…where they received the usual rave reviews and now they’re bringing their bit to PDX.

I, of course, am not in the know and didn’t find out until last night but fortunately tickets were still available. A quick call to some friends who were also not in the know and…it’s a party! If you have Monday evening free I highly recommend you join the party at the Newmark Theatre. You won’t regret it!!


2 responses to “Kiki & Herb in PDX

  1. sorry, i don’t know these two. what sort of artistes are they?

  2. Gay Artistes and I don’t mean happy! Click on the ‘rave reviews’ link in the post and you’ll be directed to their website. It’s not much but does include a great review and fun video.

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