I’ve tried to explain to people how our Chesapeake Bay Retriever is so obsessed with retrieving in water but never really caught a good example on film. He usually looks like he’s just having a good time…which he is…but he also seems obsessed to the point of compulsion.

If he is in the water and you don’t throw a stick for him to retrieve, he starts whining and it builds to the point that it sounds like he’s howling. It is a very eerie sound and seems to emanate from deep in his soul. Other times, he’ll just get out of the water and find his own stick and start digging at it with his paws as if he’s trying to hike a football. I think he’s trying to fling the stick into the water so he can swim after it.

So, after many attempts, I finally caught a glimpse of that focused look in his eyes where nothing else matters except the stick and the water. Mac the OCD Chessie.


One response to “Obsessed

  1. time for some puppie prozac perhaps?

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