I read this today and it made me think about Kabul. Kabul is proving to be the only stronghold of Democracy in Afghanistan but only because of the large US/Allied Forces presence. You step outside of Kabul and find the rest of the country is once again being controlled by the warlords. The opium trade is in full swing and is again financing the Taliban. How do I know this? Besides the news reports I have friends in the military who are doing their second year-long duty in Afghanistan…that’s how?

I read this bit about Baghdad and Dubya’s speech on Monday night made perfect sense. In his mind, if we control Baghdad we control Iraq just like Kabul/Afghanistan. Another port in the storm of terrorism and just in time for the elections. Wow…we’re winning!

How long will it be before Bush builds a mote around the White House and finally comes out of his closet and declares his place as dictator? You know he wants to! Building a mote around Baghdad isn’t going to help win the war in Iraq, it’s simply going to prove what many folks have been saying for a long, long time. He’s out of his fucking mind!

God help America!!

One response to “Trenches

  1. indeed.
    it is all rather depresssing.

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