I’ve Got it Bad!

I’ve posted before about being a sports addict but it’s worse than I thought. To make matters worse…I’ve become a tivo addict too! Yep, I’ve got it bad!

Thursday we had a thunderstorm that took our power down for a brief time. When the power returned, the satellite dish didn’t. We tried all the tricks but the darn thing wouldn’t come back on and we were reduced to the 5 channels we can pick up here in the woods; three network channels with sketchy reception, the FOX/BUSH Administration propaganda channel and the local Christian channel.

A call to DirecTV resulted in the shipment of new equipment but it would take 3 business days. That meant no TV until Tuesday night at the earliest. To make matters worse we lost the programs we’d tivo’d and hadn’t yet seen like Project Runway. So, here I am trying to avoid blogs that mention the show because I want to watch it for myself on one of the numerous reruns but everywhere I go…there it is! I hit the back button and head somewhere else but very few people didn’t blog about it this week. It must have been good!

What really killed me was trying to watch football. I couldn’t tivo any games and the one I could watch had really poor reception. Then I kept wanting to back up and see that perfect ass play again only to remember the tivo was out of commission. Tonight though it really hit me. I jumped on the treadmill and hit the TV button to watch Monday Night Football and was reminded that it was moved to ESPN. Okay…I’ll run a quick couple miles and then go watch the game on the satellite…which…is…not…working. DAMN! I’ve been thinking about watching the game all afternoon and now I’m reduced to searching for scores on the internet. Like I said…I’ve got it bad and I haven’t even mentioned baseball. Oh..you don’t even want me to go there!

So, I guess I’ll catch up on some blogs…as long as they haven’t posted about PR and then I’ll settle in for a night of…er…um…maybe I’ll just go read a book!


4 responses to “I’ve Got it Bad!

  1. hohoho
    I am not one to watch any TV, so its lose would not bat an eye here.
    So, what book did you pick up?

  2. From Boys to Men – Gay men write about growing up. It’s a series of short stories but so far promising.

  3. I missed two weeks of Project Runway! I might die!

  4. Not to worry E. They repeat all the episodes starting tomorrow morning and again on Saturday or Sunday. You can just catch the ones you missed before watching this weeks show.

    Glad to have you back in the cybershpere!

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