NYC Theatre Line-up

The New York trip is less than two weeks away and last night I was able to get tickets to Regrets Only which begins previews just 2 days before we fly home. We really wanted tickets to this show for two reasons: 1) it was written by Paul Rudnick who penned Jeffrey; 2) it stars the brilliant Christine Baranski. (God, we love this woman! ) We’re really looking forward to this even if we do have to be out of bed at 5:00 am the next morning to make our flight.

We now have a pretty full schedule which starts with Idomeneo at the Met. A trip to NYC just isn’t complete without the opera and it I’m looking forward to hearing if Ms. Roschmann lives up the hype. It opens this Thursday so I’ll be watching for reviews and hope they’re good. Then again…just listening to James Levine conduct is worth the ticket price!

Wicked, which you may recall we were recently given free tickets to attend in Portland. This will be the second time we see this in a month but we’re not complaining…it’s a fun show.

Naked Boys Singing comes highly recommended by a couple of friends and Rita insisted on purchasing tickets in the second row. Something tells me we’re going to have a really good time!

Spamalot. I haven’t heard a bad word about this show yet, and though it’s been around a while I’m told it’s still as funny as ever. Of course I grew up on Monty Python and can never tire of the humor.

Avenue Q, the ‘gay puppet musical’ as many folks refer to it, is not your usual Broadway musical but I love the Sesame Street approach…and I know a few gay puppets myself!

Heartbreak House. Unfortunately this is the only other straight play we have tickets to attend. It’s the beginning of the season so most are in previews but you can hardly go wrong with George Bernard Shaw…and what a cast!

There are a few others that we’re watching. With so many shows opening or beginning previews while we’re there, the option to catch another show or two is still open. Of course it’s not like we’ll be lacking things to do.


7 responses to “NYC Theatre Line-up

  1. they all sound good but Idomeneo is top choice for me!

  2. Idomeneo is the only production conducted by Levine while we’re in town. Of all the other options while we’re there only the Minghella production of Madame Butterfly sounds appealing although I’m not a fan of the opera. We may still consider Faust or Die Zauberflote but again… not our favorites. At least Die Zauberflote benefits from the new Julie Taymor staging. We are also looking at the New York City Opera productions but having studied Musical Theatre I lean toward the Broadway Musicals.

  3. Rodger you’re hilarious! I can’t believe you are going to that many shows in one trip! How long will you be in NY for? John and I met there when we were doing the trans-atlantic thing and we saw one show (we were only there for 36hrs!) – De La Guarda – it was very unusual but very cool. Enjoy your trip!
    So when are we doing La Calaca…?

  4. oh my god how fun. Yeah! NYC!

  5. Spamalot opens here soon too, so I’ll definitely be off to see that!

    Avenue Q; friends love it but still haven’t been myself. We were going to go for my Nephew’s 14th but opted for Blue Man Group instead. Has that been there? Photo’s on my blog if you don’t know it ;o)

  6. Blue Man Group had been playing here for years. I’m not sure we’ll have time to see it but we still have a few nights free. Anything is possible.

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