Phun Photo Phriday

Rules for Carnies.


I have an issue with #10…particularly the fact that it’s #10.

5 responses to “Phun Photo Phriday

  1. Hi, Sorry I haven’t been here to visit. You kinda got put on the back burner. Can I be forgiven?!!! I do visit Doug’s site often and I thank you for pointing me in that way. Is this where I saw the pics from a tomato tasting party? If so I envy you for being there. I would love the chance to sample many at a time. I will have to look around here again and see if I can find it because I didn’t have time to read it before. I’ll be back! BID

  2. No need to apologize…so many blogs…so little time!

  3. I see we both find employee directions and signs are good to photograph….

  4. I have a huge problem with #10! Where was this; redneck country??

  5. was this posted in a bathhouse?

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