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Winding Down

The weekend was nice enough even though we didn’t do a whole lot. We did trek down to Salsa, Salsa, a salsa tasting event, that was less event than promised. It used to be a heritage fesitival and is where we found the recipe that we ultimately altered to become our famous salsa verde. Okay, it’s only famous within our family, friends, co-workers, their family, friends and co-workers and their….you get the picture…it’s pretty well known around these parts. But I digress. Sauvie Island Farms took the event over and renamed it Salsa, Salsa which offered a salsa tasting, a veggie stand and a couple tables offering information on sustainable farming.


The salsa tasting consisted of about 15 different restaurant salsa recipes. There was a small panel of judges none of whom we recognized and then the public was allowed to taste and vote on the salsas as well. We were rather disappointed with the selections and most were just plain boring. They were also auctioning off the signed recipes and a couple cups of the salsa for a minimum donation of $25. Sorry folks, I can find better salsa recipes here and I don’t have to pay a penny.

We were there a whole 30 minutes so we decided to find something else to do and headed over to the St. John’s Bridge celebration. It too was small and uneventful having had a full on bash when the bridge was reopened this spring after a full restoration. So it was home to the yard and garden.


The garden is on it’s last legs and we’re just picking the last of the tomatoes and enjoying the sunflowers.


Some of the smaller ones have found their way into the house since the rain started today in full force. This is my favorite, the Teddy Bear Sunflower.


These are twelve feet high and about 2 feet across. I’d have to get a ladder out to give you any perspective so you’ll just have to take my word for it.


It won’t be long before we take the fence down and let the deer have their way with whats left. We will be sure to pull the pepper plants first and hang them in the garage. The habanero and fatalli peppers will last well into December and with their bright orange and yellow skin we will probably string them up and hang them in the kitchen. A nice reminder of the summer and useful all winter.
With the season winding down we had to get some dirt moved and borrowed a friend’s tractor but that will have to wait for another post. I do have to say that as much as I miss the long summers of California, I love the change of seasons and fall is probably my favorite. I’m now ready for the rain to return.


I read this today and it made me think about Kabul. Kabul is proving to be the only stronghold of Democracy in Afghanistan but only because of the large US/Allied Forces presence. You step outside of Kabul and find the rest of the country is once again being controlled by the warlords. The opium trade is in full swing and is again financing the Taliban. How do I know this? Besides the news reports I have friends in the military who are doing their second year-long duty in Afghanistan…that’s how?

I read this bit about Baghdad and Dubya’s speech on Monday night made perfect sense. In his mind, if we control Baghdad we control Iraq just like Kabul/Afghanistan. Another port in the storm of terrorism and just in time for the elections. Wow…we’re winning!

How long will it be before Bush builds a mote around the White House and finally comes out of his closet and declares his place as dictator? You know he wants to! Building a mote around Baghdad isn’t going to help win the war in Iraq, it’s simply going to prove what many folks have been saying for a long, long time. He’s out of his fucking mind!

God help America!!

Phun Photo Phriday

In honor of this weekend’s 75th anniversary celebration of the St. Johns Bridge, the most beautiful bridge in Portland if not all the Pacific Northwest, I offer this…



I’ve tried to explain to people how our Chesapeake Bay Retriever is so obsessed with retrieving in water but never really caught a good example on film. He usually looks like he’s just having a good time…which he is…but he also seems obsessed to the point of compulsion.

If he is in the water and you don’t throw a stick for him to retrieve, he starts whining and it builds to the point that it sounds like he’s howling. It is a very eerie sound and seems to emanate from deep in his soul. Other times, he’ll just get out of the water and find his own stick and start digging at it with his paws as if he’s trying to hike a football. I think he’s trying to fling the stick into the water so he can swim after it.

So, after many attempts, I finally caught a glimpse of that focused look in his eyes where nothing else matters except the stick and the water. Mac the OCD Chessie.


On Addiction


“The great thing about addiction…it makes you focus”. Oh Kiki…I almost started smoking again! You are outrageous…and OLD!!!!

A big shout out to Kiki & Herb for putting it all out there for us Monday night when you must have been exhausted. I hope Kenny (Herb) made it to/through his next performance…we didn’t. Sorry…

Curd Run

We had a hankerin’ for some cheese curds on Sunday and with the weather so clear and and warm and tourist season pretty much over we decided to make a run to Tillamook. We got an early start so the trip over the coast range was a bit cool but still very refreshing and beautiful.


The drive takes you through the Tillamook Forest and along the Wilson River to the Tillamook Bay and the Tillamook Creamery.


Once at the creamery, we did some cheese tasting, picked up a supply of cheese curds, bought a bit of fudge and had some Ice Cream. All this took about 30 minutes. Back in the car we were heading for the river and reminded of the downside of driving in the Oregon Forests.


Logging really leaves the landscape scarred for many years and causes serious damage to the river habitat. And they wonder why the native salmon populations are declining. The up side is that you can still find beautiful pristine place along the river such as this.


The water here was about fifteen feet deep and crystal clear. Once we found this spot, I started regretting not having a change of clothes. I could have easily joined the dog for a swim. We stopped at a few other spots along the river and each one had it’s own surprise for us. This spot had extremeley deep pools and some nice rapids as well as lots of exposed rock to hike around on.


Mac was just swimming in place and didn’t want to get out of the water when we decided to leave. We had to walk back toward the car and once we were out of site in the brush, he came looking to make sure we didn’t leave him behind. It was such a nice day, virtually no traffic on the highway and many little gem spots to stop and play. What a carefree way to spend the day on what may be our last warm, sunny weekend in PDX.

Shopping Tip

For those of you looking for just the right gift to send me for Christmas, may I recommend these?

I’m not sure that a large 8 is going to fit but I can always alter them (or put them on my dog!). Of course if the price tag is a bit high for you…the Shield of Faith is sold separately and I would be a worthy expense.

Too bad I don’t already have them as they’d come in handy tonight when Dubya makes his tv appearance to spread more hate and worry across the land. I could use the shield to block his faith based bullshit speachifying! But then again it won’t be necessary because I’ll be downtown with a large crowd of ‘homosexualists’ enjoying the not-so-soothing strains of Kiki & Herb! I can hardly wait!