Phun Photo Phriday

I’m off to New York and I’m taking my accompanist with me.


If I can make it there…


4 responses to “Phun Photo Phriday

  1. Have a GREAT trip;: can’t wait to hear about it!
    P.S. You might tell your pianist there to open the piano top BEFORE beginning to play. 🙂 Love ToonTown!

  2. dear me, where was this photo taken? the furniture has a Dr. Seuss feel to it!

  3. I hope you both have a super time. Take lots of pix.

  4. Thanks Lelo….and if he actually plays, then I actually sing and that’s frightening.

    Michael…The pic was taken in Toon Town at Disneyland. If you like old cartoons you’ll love Toon Town!

    Doug…We hope to post pics frequently if not daily. In fact, a friend has offered to post a thumbnail page for us if we send him the pics. We’ll give it our best shot.

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