Nueva York


This is the view from my window as I type this short post. Just to the right is a view across the East River over Roosevelt Island and into Queens. We’re taking it slow this morning and enjoying the views before we move into our dear friend Rita’s place or the remainder of our trip.

Last night we saw Idomeneo at The Met whch was really quite good. I wasn’t thrilled with Olga Makarina’s Elettra but Dorothea Roschman’s Ilia was sung beautifully and I have a schoolgirl crush on Jeffrey Francis. His Arbace stole the show right out from under Mr. Heppner. Sorry Ben…it’s true. Don’t get me wrong…Ben was great…but oh…Jeffie!  Of course listening to James Levine conduct the orchestra is worth more than the price of admission. He is truly a National Treasure!

Tonight we see Wicked for the second time in a month but we’re looking forward to it. There’s something about the intimacy of a Broadway house that you just can’t get in a cavernous multi-purpose auditorium.

The weather has been wonderful so far but they’re talking rain for the next couple days. Of course being from Portland it’s going to take more than a little rain to dampen our spirits. I’ll try to update a bit more frequently once were settled into Rita’s little nest.


5 responses to “Nueva York

  1. Sounds like you’re having a great trip Rodger! Who’s in Wicked! there at the moment? I hope whoever it is lives up to Idina…. it’s a tough hat to fill!

    Let me know! (“,) P

  2. awesome photos as usual
    NYC in the fall is fantastic
    Sounds like excellent shows!

  3. Sounds like you’re having a great time. I hope the events of yesterday afternoon weren’t too alarming.

  4. there is a little place i used to like to go to there called temple bar. it is at lafayette and bleeker. they used to play dinah washington on the hifi while you sipped your drink and had a knosh.

  5. How fun! Such a cliche, but…. I LOVE NEW YORK! Have a great time!

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