Brief Respite


We’ve been going pretty much non-stop since arriving here a week ago and I’ve been terrible about updating the blog. We’ve met a few folks here that are heavily involved with the cabaret scene and have kept us busy after our days of site seeing, eating and theatre.

Today we made a stop at Zabar’s before a leisurely stroll through Central Park.


Tonight we decided to take a brief respite and returned home immediately after attending Spamalot. This gave me a bit of time to catch up on my e-mail and write a little something here.


Wicked was pretty spectacular here as expected considering the intimacy of the smaller Broadway theaters but we were disappointed with Ana Gasteyer’s portrayal of Elphaba. We were skeptical to begin with since we didn’t enjoy her much on Saturday Night Live all those years and she proved us right. She just doesn’t have the voice for the role and some of the most dramatic moments, which are written fairly low for most women, were strained or lost altogether.

Naked Boys Singing was a lot of fun and Reet bought us tickets in the first row. Yes…we were a mere 3 feet from six completely naked men and I swear I almost left with a black eye and a….nevermind.

Spamalot is far funnier than I ever expected and believe me I expected a lot! After all the hype, and having seen every Monty Python show and movie at least 12 times, I wasn’t sure the show would measure up. I was happily wrong and I’m nursing some seriously sore ribs tonight.

We’ve been to a few cabaret shows as mentioned above and have another tomorrow and we’ve hit a few museums.


We’ve eaten our way through 3 burroughs and have a dinner stop in Brooklyn later this week. We also have four more nights of theater and I’ll fill ya’ll in with more details when we get home.

Looking forward to catching up with all of you’ve been up to lately too!


4 responses to “Brief Respite

  1. great photos as always
    I am glad you are having a good time

  2. Naked Boys Singing? Not heard of that one! What do they sing, and does it matter?

    Spamalot; it opens here soon and I have a horrible feeling my Sister would rather see that than Wicked! for her 40th, but I’m organising it so what the hell! (Does that make me a mean Bro? loll)

  3. Holy Cow Zabar’s looks fantastic.


  4. Oh come on boys. Get off your duffs and see some things while you’re there in NYC!
    (wink wink: you are BUSY vacationers and serious itinerary makers!)

    I’ve heard GREAT things about Naked Boys Singing. The front row aspect must have taken it to a whole other level. (stop staring!)

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