On the Avenue


We were a bit hungover yesterday after yet another late night at Don’t Tell Mama’s so we took off for Chinatown looking for food and tea. We found they have the scariest looking roaches I’ve ever seen!


Okay…not a roach but this crab had escaped from the seafood vendor and was working his way toward a door with a enough room for him to ultimately squeeze underneath. Not what I’d want to come home to.

We wandered through Wall Street…


…checked out Trinity Episcopal (my favorite church in the city) where I found this in the men’s room. I told Mark we should put one in our bathroom at home.


We ended the stroll at Gound Zero which was quite depressing so we decided to head back to the apartment for a disco nap before we left for the theatre.


Before we went out on Monday, I was on the internet looking for tickets to Grey Gardens and found that there were discounted seats available for Avenue Q. We had already purchased our tickets and at the time the only available seats were in the Mezzanine. I called the ticket agency and they were nice enough to let us exchange our seats so we ended up sitting in the 4th row!

This show was as good as Spamalot and definitely not the Sesame Street I remember as a kid…although I wish it were! Sick, twisted, hysterical! I think I wet myself.

We came home last night and bought last minute tickets to see Martin Short’s “Fame Becomes Me” which is getting stellar reviews so we’ll be spending the whole day in the theatre district because we see Grey Gardens tonight. We’ve really been looking forward to this show being huge fans of the movie, and I hear Christine Ebersole gives the performance of the year. I’ll let you know.

I’m hoping to catch up with an old friend tomorrow and then we see Heartbreak House and Regrets Only on Friday. A crazy theatre filled week but after all the walking we’ve been doing its nice to sit down for a while.


2 responses to “On the Avenue

  1. I wasn’t aware that Avenue Q was in NYC – I thought it was only in Lost Vegas.
    Your photos are brilliant as always!

  2. Really want to see Avenue Q here in London, my best mates went and LOVED IT!

    p.s. I agree on the window…. I’d be very impressed if you have a bathroom big enough to take that!

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