Home Stink Home

Well we made it home from New York to find that the house sitter had quite a vacation of her own…and left the mess for us to clean up. Bitch!! She had called a couple days earlier asking what to use to clean the granite which should have tipped me off considering she’d been there almost two weeks. I shudder to think she hadn’t cleaned the counters in all that time but it turns out that was probably the case. There was some crusty crap on every cabinet and drawer pull, dried food on the fronts of the cabinets, the side of the coffee maker and all over the walls. Coffee grounds were all over the counter and the floor and coffee stains ran down the fronts of the lower cabinets. The counters were gritty, sticky in places and all had a nice greasy coating. I won’t even begin to describe the stainless. Of course it was probably a blessing that she didn’t try to clean that too or we’d probably have to replace all our appliances.

Miss Mess was recommended by our neighbors and they’ve used her a couple times with no complaints so we thought she’d work out. By hiring her we were guaranteed the dog would get his walks because the neighbors would certainly ask her to join them when they walked their dog (which they did) and she’d deter theft since we live in a fairly rural area.

In hindsight we should have hired a college student. They usually do a pretty good job of cleaning up after their parties because they don’t want you to know they had them. This witch didn’t blink an eye when she told us she entertained her brother who was visiting from Chicago and cooked dinners for her husband at our house. She even told me that she used the phone to make long distance calls but that she used a special code so they shouldn’t cost too much. Balls…the woman has serious balls!

Needless to say we’ll be deducting a cleaning fee and the phone bill from her pay.


One response to “Home Stink Home

  1. that’s terrible! what a disappointment to come home to.
    But her reputation will be shot, so justice will prevail.

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