Food & Fall


What a great weekend! The weather is spectacular and as I’ve mentioned before, the colors are beautiful! It amazes me how things change here in Portland. There is a huge difference between the valley and the local hills which are merely 1000 feet above town. If you venture into the Columbia River Gorge or toward Mt. Hood the colors are peaking in some areas and just past in others. In town the trees and shrubbery are peaking now and the hills are just a bit behind. I guess it has to do with the cooler temps settling into the valley and causing those trees to turn a bit sooner. Odd considering temps up here on the hill are usually cooler than in town but at this time of year we’re actually warmer. Ah…the beauty of microclimates!


With all this cool weather I’ve kicked into cooking mode. I think it’s a nesting sensibility that causes me to want to cook comfort foods and stock up for the winter. Yesterday I made a meatloaf for lunches this week, a stewed chicken for chicken salad or burritos and some taco meat. Yeah…Mexican is the food of choice this weekend.

Today we were taken to lunch in honor of Mark’s birthday by two of our oldest and dearest friends, Roushdi and Eran. Mark has known these two for 25+ years and I met them shortly after getting together with Mark some 17 years ago. These relationships were born in California and now continue here in the Pacific Northwest. Once again I was reminded that we just don’t spend enough time with these two friends. This must be remedied!

We returned home to watch a bit of football and then Mark took the dog for a walk while I started another apple pie. Yes…I know…more cooking. But dammit…we have two trees full of apples and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t appreciate apple pie. I was hoping to carve my pumpkins tonight but that will have to wait until tomorrow after work. In fact I may just have to leave early to get that done. Darn!


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