The Last of the Wine

Nope…not actual wine and not a review of the Mary Renault book although I should probably reread her young-gay-reader series. Okay…they’re not gay novels but they were my “Hardy Boys” so to speak and very gay. But I digress.

Tonight we get our first hard freeze so this evening I harvested the last of our garden.


What a haul!

Now were off to Gay Bingo at the Q Center having received a personal invite from notorious Portland blogger and gardener Lelo whom we’ve been dying to meet. I’m fastening my bootstraps!


5 responses to “The Last of the Wine

  1. the last of the garden!
    no brussel sprouts for you? those I had going once into november!
    I start planting some pepper seeds next week here.

  2. We grew brussels srouts one year and when I went to cook them the grubs started coming out. I think I’ll stick to store bought from now on.

    Speaking of peppers…we’re taking a tip from a local gardener and have brought 2 pepper plants into the house. He claims they’ll produce all winter long. We’ll see…

  3. We went through the same process about 3 weeks ago when we had a sudden hard freeze. In came all of the remaining basil, peppers, tomatoes, green beans and butternut squash. There were a few ripe tomatoes and bushels of green tomatoes. The weather went south just as the tomatoes were starting to come in, and we had huge numbers that formed and never ripened. It was actually a poor year for ripe tomatoes this time around. My garden is not done for the year, however. I have a nice crop of Swiss chard still producing, some of which will become part of tonight’s meal.

  4. I’m glad you guys got to meet Lelo. She’s the best. Next time I’m in Portland…we must all get together!

  5. Oh look at you. Such a total and complete pleasure to meet you two, though I have to say that was a very ssslllloooooowwwwwwwww evening of bingo. It’s usually more upbeat!

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