A Halloween Memory


When I was around 7 years old I wanted to be Frankenstein for Halloween. Mom, being a huge fan of All Hallows Eve, was happy to work her creative magic and make my wish a reality.

She went to work turning shoe boxes into shoes, an old blazer into a torn jacket and wax to make the knobs for my neck. She went all out creating a costume from items around the house. She even found a way to save buying green makeup…she used her facial mask. You know the type…the thick green mask that would dry and crack. It lent a very scary, scarred look to my skin and really set the whole costume off.

That weekend we were invited to a neighborhood party thrown by a family that loved Halloween like no other day. We put on our costumes and went to their house where they had the yard filled with tombstones, graves that had been dug up with monsters climbing out of them. They had spider webs with giant spiders in the trees, on the house and all around the back patio where the party was taking place. They even had dry ice in buckets of water strategically placed so you rarely saw the ground and all the lights were low with candles and torches throughout the yard.

The party was a huge event and it seemed like the whole neighborhood was there. At one point someone called everyone to a corner of the yard and announced it was time to bob for apples. I had read about bobbing for apples and even heard stories about it but never actually tried it myself. I was very excited and rushed right up to be the first in line. One of our hosts explained how to approach the task and even suggested I try to push the apple toward the side of the tub. I knelt down, bent over the tub and submerged my face in the water. Suddenly the whole crowd erupted with squeals. Some were squeals of joy others disgust. I wasn’t sure what was going on and I didn’t care. I wasn’t coming up until I had an apple in my mouth. Finally after a few minutes of struggling I was able to bite into my apple and when I lifted my face from the water I saw what all the commotion was about. The green facial had washed from my face and left the entire tub of apples bobbing in a green froth. Of course that put an end to bobbing for apples. Even after they rinsed all the apples and refilled the tub, most folks had simply lost their appetite for bobbing. Needless to say I was quite the celebrity in our neighborhood for the rest of the party and a few weeks after as well.

Happy Halloween!


6 responses to “A Halloween Memory

  1. great story!
    happy halloween to the both of you

  2. Cute story! Happy Halloween!

  3. If I were still in France I wouldn’t have to be at work today.

    Oh how I miss those French holidays!

  4. I love this story. And beautiful, beautiful photo!

  5. What a wonderful memory, I love this one!

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