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Day 30…and I’m out of here!

Today is the final day of NaBloPoMo and I’m happy to have fulfilled my commitment to post every day this month. It wasn’t as tough as I thought it might be and I only fell into the meme thing one day. Not bad for a non-writer; although my readers may feel differently.

So, tonight I’ll prepare my ‘Phun Photo Phriday’ for tomorrow and then I’m out of here…for the weekend.

But before I do….one last piece about my dog because he really deserves those fabulous doggie biscuits made by Emily, and because this whole event may be his ploy to ensure winning said biscuits. I’m telling you he’s smarter than the average dog. Have I said that before?  Sorry.

Today I came home to find Mark staring at the floor, moving slowly through the garage. I gave him a quizzical look and he said he thought Mac’s foot was cut. I walked into the house to find a bazillion specks of blood all over the kitchen floor, the dining room floor, the family room carpet, the living room carpet, the hallway carpet, the bathroom, the….you get my point. I quickly changed my clothes and went to see what he’d found and sure enough, Mac sliced the tips off of not one, not two, but three of his toe pads. His nails are fine but the tips of the pads in between just won’t stop bleeding.

We animal lovers know that dogs will be dogs and they can take a licking and keep on licking (ooh, that’s bad) but you still freak out when you see blood. Worse yet is trying to stop the bleeding in such an akward place. I grabbed the dog drawer* from the bathroom and proceeded to clean, dress and wrap his wounds and entire paw. It stopped the bleeding for a while but after a few unsupervised minutes of licking, the bandage was off and the wounds open again. Back to the drawer, another round of medical care, and now he’s laying on the bed in front of me watching me hold the the Bitter Apple. He absolutely hates Bitter Apple so we don’t even have to spray it anymore. Just show him the bottle and he stops licking the bandage.

It looks like I’ll be keeping this vigil for the rest of the night and hopefully he’ll get used to the bandage by tomorrow. He usually does. Of course with Mac’s blind bounds down the hill to chase the squirrels or the racoons or a stick or ball, it will only be a matter of time before the drawer comes out again.

Still…you gotta love ’em…how can you not?


*Yes, we have an entire drawer devoted specifically to dog medical care. We live in the woods, we have to.

Timing is Everything

It’s durn busy around here these days and the weather isn’t helping. We’re at 27 degrees as I type at 1830 which means we’ll probably see some freezing rain in the morning. I find freezing rain magical but that doesn’t get my work done and I have a deskful. If this were just snow…not a problem. If it happened after Friday…not a problem. Tonight, it’s a problem.

There are good times for freezing rain.

* The day I’m called to jury duty.

* Faculty meeting day.

* Bring your kids to work day.

* The day your alcoholic sister and her new alcoholic husband plan to visit.

* The day Laurie Anderson is playing the Aladdin Theatre.

The list goes on and I’m sure you have a few to add so have at it….

Snow Ball

I love throwing snowballs for the dog. As I gather the snow into my hands he begins to get excited, with little jumps and intently staring eyes. Once the snow is packed nice and tight I wind up to deliver the ball into the far corner of the yard. As I pull my arm back he starts to run, carefully watching over his shoulder as he goes. I throw the ball and his eye never leaves it even as his gait picks up. Finally the ball lands a few feet in front of him and he pounces. Of course the ball is now just snow but Mac doesn’t know that and starts the serious chore of rooting around to find any piece that may still exist. Now I don’t know if it’s his retriever nose or that he just loves fucking with my head but he always finds something and returns it to me. He literally sticks his nose into the snow, pulls out a mouthful and runs back to drop it in front of me. Is he playing me like I play him or do I give him too much credit? Could he possibly smell my scent on some bit of snow and think that he’s actually found the ball? I’ll never know.

A Hint of Winter

Alas, the forecasters were right (for a change) and we woke to a nice dusting of snow. The drive to work was beautiful with snow accenting the trees and meadows yet the roads ice-free. The snow showers continued off and on throughout the day and although it didn’t stick at that altitude it was nice watching it fall.

The snow was sticking up at the house however and I arrived home to a couple of inches blanketing the yard and dusting the trees. I tried to get a decent shot of this Japanese Snowbell tree but the combination of an old camera and a streetlamp above the tree kind of killed the effect.


It’s nice to have snow before Christmas because it really sets the mood. We usually see our snow in January or February if at all so this was a welcome event regardless of how small.

I’m sure this is worth a good laugh to all my midwestern friends but growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area we didn’t see snow very often. In fact, I saw it snow on the peninsula only three times in 34 years. If we wanted snow we had to drive to the top of the Coast Range, where it snowed a few times a year, or up to Tahoe or Yosemite.

So go ahead and laugh my friends but remember…I get to enjoy the snow without bad memories from my childhood of shoveling the driveway.

Quiet Time

The holiday weekend culminated with a nice quiet day at home while a wild storm raged outside. The winds whipped the trees and the rain was coming down sideways. It was pretty fierce and the perfect excuse to stay in and watch football, eat and read. As I write this the carcass from our after T-day dinner is simmering away on the stove creating the perfect stock for a nice turkey vegetable soup. I went searching for the wishbone once all the bones started falling apart and then realized I must have crushed it when I broke the ribcage apart to fit in the pot. Is that bad luck? Will I now only have broken wishes? Can I still wish upon a star (provided I get to see one before spring)? So many questions.

They’re forecasting snow overnight and we’re supposed to wake up to a whopping inch here at 1000 feet. The snow level should drop as low as 500 feet which means snow in the yard but none at work which really bums me out. We should get an extra couple inches during the day tomorrow but if it’s not snowing at work then I feel cheated. We don’t get a lot of snow around here so when it does come I want to be able to enjoy it. I’ll often take the day off so I can stay home and play and make a snowman, but with only a few inches possible I’d have to make a snow dwarf and that’s not worth a vacation day. Then again this talk of snow may be for naught as the forecasters here are unreliable. When they first started talking snow earlier in the week they claimed a possible six inches tonight; it is entirely likely I’ll wake to just rain in the morning. Of course I can always make a trip to the mountain if I want to get my snow fix but it’s much more fun when you don’t have to drive and can go back in the house for hot chocolate when you need to thaw the fingers.


With the holiday on Thursday, cooking our turkey on Friday, hanging the lights on the house and a trip to the dog park, I forgot to post a Phun Photo Phriday. I guess it feels too much like a weekend and I just spaced out. You’d think I’d be more on top of things but I’m not. The truth is out!

Turkey for Two

Go forth children. Go forth and shop! While the stores are mobbed with the minions in their holiday shopping frenzy I’ll be home cooking a turkey. Yes…you heard that right…a turkey!

Since the two of us spend Thanksgiving with the neighbors we don’t have any leftovers. I know most folks dread leftovers but I love ’em. Yep! I love leftovers for turkey sandwiches, turkey tetrazzini, turkey casserole…even rendering that carcass into turkey stock. There’s nothing better than a turkey to give me an excuse to spend more time in the kitchen. So I’m cookin’ me a turkey!

While that turkey is cooking, if the weather permits, I’ll take the dog out for a run and maybe get the lights on the house. If not…I’ll watch some football…start decorating the house…maybe wrap a few gifts. Either way it will be a day spent in the spirit of the season.

The best part of the day will be sitting down to a cozy Thanksgiving dinner with Mark…just Mark. No neighbors, no family, no interruptions…just Mark.

This is our Thanksgiving dinner!