Daily Archives: November 1, 2006

Dear Doctor

I just wanted to take a minute to let you to know how much I appreciate driving all the way across town in rush hour traffic, sitting in your waiting room 30 minutes past my appointment time, and paying more than $100 for an office visit to hear you say, in less than two minutes, “It’s a pre-cancerous growth and should be removed but I don’t have time to do it tonight so you’ll have to reschedule”.

Upon making the appointment your receptionist was informed about the nature of the visit. If she is so clueless as to know that you would not have the time to complete the process, maybe it’s time to find something she can do, like working at Starbucks. Secondly, the diagnosis took two minutes, the removal process will take another ten minutes. That equals 12 minutes of the fifteen minutes allotted for my visit. I’m certain you will not pro-rate the cost of my office visit so therefore I should have received the full fifteen minutes and left without this bump on my face. Instead, I have the pleasure of scheduling and paying for another office visit. Oh…and let’s not forget the time I must take off work to share these magical moments with you and your incompetent staff.

I guess one good thing did come from this unfortunate experience; I will now make that appointment with the highly recommended doctor who’s office is a mere three miles from my home.