Daily Archives: November 6, 2006

Psychic Hotline

The Pineapple Express has kicked in bringing storm after storm from the South Pacific into the Pacific Northwest.  The storm that moved in this early morning brought some really high winds and now the heavy rains have started.

About 10:30 this morning the power went out just as we were about to start prep work for an election night gathering so I suggested we head down the hill for an early lunch thinking the power would be restored by the time we arrived back home. After eating and picking up a few items at the grocery store we were heading home when Mark suggested I call the power company to inquire about the status of our electricity.  The recorded response hotline at PGE informed me the outage had been reported, affected 208 customers, and a crew has been dispatched.  It then stated the power would be restored at 12:30 pm and the cause of the outage is unknown at this time.

I want to know how they can tell me what time to expect the power to be restored when they don’t even know the cause.  I also wonder what the crew is up to…driving around the neighborhood looking for a downed wire?