Daily Archives: November 8, 2006

Pissing Myself

Yes…I’m that excited!

We take the House! Rummy’s gone! All those sleazy Abramoff boys gone! I can’t take any more…or can I? Yes, I can. I’m greedy that way.

I usually can’t stand to hear Bush talk but today’s press conference was like music. Tail between his legs, trying his best to look like a good guy ready to work with Dems. Well guess what asshole…you have not other choice…of course you want to work with them now. Can you say LAME DICK…er…DUCK?

Now, the Senate would be a nice bonus but I just heard Joseph Lieberman telling Sean Hannity (ewww, I can’t believe I typed his name into my blog!) how much he admires him. Lieberman is a snake in the worst possible way and will spend most of his time with his nose in the Republican’s collective ass but that’s okay. We’ll know where to find him.

I guess you can’t have everything so I’ll take what we just got…and hope for more.

UPDATE 1807 PST: The AP is reporting the Democrats have won the Senate. With more than half the canvassing completed, the total vote difference seems insurmountable and Webb will be declared the victor.